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How we healed from diabetes
by Marcello Pamio - May 2012 – translation by Elena Castiglione

According to the American Diabetes Association (A.D.A.): «Diabetes is an incurable chronic degenerative disease».

The statement is categorical. In fact, every medical doctor the world over knows that officially diabetes cannot be healed. Once it gets manifested, people can live with it only by becoming lifelong slaves and medicine dependent. But is it true? This is the theme of the conference that hosted more than 500 people organized by the cultural associations «Il Soffio del risveglio» and «Qui e Ora», held in March 2012 in San Giuseppe di Cassola, near Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

Chairing the event, other than myself, were Gennaro Muscari M.D., homeopath and teacher at the Verona Homeopathic School, Giancarlo Vincenti President of the Association «Diabete insieme» (Diabetes together) in Portogruaro, Venice; and last, but by no means least, four people successfully cured of diabetes, the real reason for the conference.

We started with excerpts from the movie “A Delicate Balance”, inspired by the book “The China Study”, the most complete nutritional survey ever carried out in the world; we followed with excerpts from “Raw for 30 days”, a unique experiment where six people stopped using insulin after 30 days of eating raw food. We closed with the “Gerson Method”.

I contributed with important data on the historical evolution of the disease. According to the New York Medicine Academy second bulletin, between 1871 - 1933, “Diabetes death rate in New York went from 2,1 per 100000 in 1866 to 29,9 in 1932”. Today every 10 seconds one person dies from diabetes-related side effects and two people find themselves diabetic. Something really serious must have happened in those 70 years. What happened?

Hydrogenated Fats.
So-called “hydrogenated fats” date from 1912. These fats are industrial creations. They do not exist in nature, so they cannot be recognized by the human body. Therefore they generate big health problems, causing cardio vascular diseases, obesity, damaged cellular membranes and self-immune diseases like diabetes; they decrease HDL levels and increase LDL levels and inflammation, and interfere with insulin. Hydrogenated fats are found in margarine, and therefore in the majority of baked products, ice creams, chocolate, cakes, etc. Also, vegetable oils heat-pressed mechanically, and fried oils, utterly lose their health-giving components and become toxic for the cells and therefore for the entire human body.

Insulin resistance.
Each cell has specific insulin receptors in its outer membrane. They act like gates that open just when insulin arrives, allow glucose to enter and remove it from the blood.
All saturated animal fats (meat, eggs, fish, milk, dairy products), plus hydrogenated fats, accumulate on the outer cell membranes, thus deforming the receptors. As a result, cells become unable to detect insulin.
Even though the pancreas functions correctly and insulin circulates, the cells are unable to optimize its use and hyperglycemia (diabetes) occurs.

All animal proteins, and all refined and pasteurized foods (cereals, flours, sugar, etc.) release acid metabolic residues. Acidity increases, alerting the entire body into activating all protection mechanism (alkalization), and raises the level of cortisol (stress hormone) produced by the suprarenal glands so as to resist inflammation. The increase in cortisol on the one hand increases glycemia, but on the other maldistributes the adipose tissues, mostly in the belly, with fat known to contribute to insulin resistance.   A true vicious circle!

«Cow milk proteins’ ability to cause type-1 diabetes is well documented»! This hard assertion is found in the “China Study” mentioned earlier.
The reason is simple and logical: the moment casein traces arrive in the blood, the immune system instantly reacts.  The «peculiar liquid» - as the great Goethe called it – cannot admit any substance other than the ones existing in Nature.
Since milk protein (80-85% casein) is almost identical to pancreas proteins (Beta cells), the immune system, in a generalized toxemia situation, may start attacking the pancreas cells that produce insulin.
The result is infant type-1 diabetes.
Let’s think about the many newborns that, upon pediatric advice, are today wrongly weaned with cow milk, at times from the earliest days. We can now understand the high risk of their developing serious health troubles. Let us also remember that a baby’s intestinal mucosa is not yet complete and is therefore much more permeable that an adult’s.   

Blood, Goethe’s “peculiar liquid”, is fundamental to bodily life. It wets and permeates all its cells, transports heat and basic nutrients like oxygen, and removes the toxic remains of catabolism.
Optimally, blood is a liquid. Its pH of 7.35 - 7.45 favours life and hence health; but a dense, sticky blood, replete with toxic substances like saturated animal fats, predisposes to all diseases, diabetes included.
In diabetes, even though the pancreas is properly working, insulin will never be able to complete the task of letting glucose into the cells, because insulin is prevented from reaching the receptors located in the cell membranes.

Pediatric Vaccinations
Injections of toxic substances like formaldehyde (a carcinogenic agent) and heavy metals like aluminum hydroxide (and earlier a salt of mercury) in the still immature body of a newborn, still bereft of an immune system that takes years to mature, lay the basis for the appearance of serious pathologies like autism and type-1 diabetes.
Actually, medicine is aware that heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, chrome, cadmium) block many enzymatic actions and damage almost all organs by permanently settling in the fat of liver, brain, and chiefly of the liver, the organ in charge of elimination.
Metals compete with enzymes: in the presence of metals enzymes are weakened and prevented from working. In such condition of dangerous intoxication, the enzymatic action of the pancreas and the detoxifying one of the liver fail…

Dr. Gennaro Muscari, a homeopath for more than 30 years, has been investigating natural nutrition since before graduation. He expounded on what is taught in the faculties of medicine at University. First, diabetes cannot be cured at all; then insulin, used by a diabetic patient, after some months to some years, causes the pancreas to produce less and less insulin, until its complete atrophy.  With type-1 diabetes this happens very quickly.
He could not imagine that after twelve to 16 years on insulin, it would be possible to make the pancreas produce insulin naturally. No medical doctor believes that, but as you will read from the witnesses below, this is perfectly possible.

Dr. Muscari went on pointing out the damages of dairy products on the human body and the link, reported by scientific studies, between type-1 diabetes and casein. The official data are clear: a vegan nutrition causes insulin to reduce by 40% in just 3 weeks and cholesterol by 30%.
He concluded by remarking on the importance of sports, in all areas and in diabetes in particular. What does sugar do in the blood? It is an energy reservoir, pure energy to be used. A diabetic can avoid anti-diabetic drugs and insulin just by using surplus sugar in the blood.

Dr. Giancarlo Vincenti talked about his personal experience as a diabetic, discovered by a routine analysis. He didn’t know anything about diabetes. He began to attend conventions and international meetings, at last founding the Diabetes Association in Portogruaro, Venice.  He expanded his knowledge, but always relying on official medicine. He felt that there was something missing, which did not square. Recently, on investigating vegetarian and vegan diets, he discovered that exceptional results, such as discarding insulin, were possible.  Now, after watching the movie “Raw for thirty days”, he will move in that direction. He has not discarded insulin yet, but he is working on it, considering all the hurdles he has to overcome, such as lifelong habits and living with his family.

What follows is the most important part of the event.


Ermanno, 62, diabetic for 16 years.

The first sign of diabetes was a 1994 heart attack. His life style could be considered “normal”: little time for himself and many meals at the restaurant. Later he had more heart troubles, till needing surgery, followed by a second heart attack.
At this point he decided to leave his job and start taking care of his life.
One day he was listening to Radio Gamma 5, where he heard of the diabetes meeting presentation I organized a year ago. For the first time he heard that healing from diabetes is possible, as no doctor had ever told him of it. At that time he was on 28 daily insulin units. The day after the meeting and on his own, he broke with the past and changed his eating habits. No more meat and milk, but large amounts of vegetables and long daily walks. In about one month he stopped taking insulin altogether. In March last year he went to the diabetes Centre and everything was ok! The doctors looked at him in disbelief, but thanks to blood analysis they couldn’t say anything… 

Emanuele, 34, diabetic for 9 years.
His story is incredible.
He was born with cystic fibrosis. Diabetes arrived in 2003 after a long cortisone treatment. He tried to keep glycemia levels low by doing much sport: today he’s a mountain bike racer (about 60 km a day). A personal trainer checks on his preparation.
Emanuele was on as many as 50 insulin daily units. He couldn’t inject himself in the belly anymore for its being over injected.
One day he happened to watch the DVD «Raw and simple », and after 4 days of eating raw he discarded insulin, with immediate results. He passed from 50 units to nine: two long-release ones for two days and a third one for the third day.  All glycemia parameters, tested six times a day (before and after meals) confirmed that the pancreas had regained balance. He ate and glycemia was always under 140 points.
“Raw” means eating all kind of raw vegetables and seeds (sunflower, sesame, flax, almonds, walnuts, etc., fruit and vegetable extracts. Figs and dates obtain the quick energy needed for heavy trainings. He lost 7.2 kg of muscular mass which he hasn’t regained yet.
Today his bike sessions show a new body improving daily: after 3 weeks he had improved on the results of last October with normal eating; he forgot what being tired after training meant and the bother of lactic acid in the muscles. His new lifestyle also improved on the cystic fibrosis, officially incurable. His former liver transaminase values were high, now two out of three values are normal, cutting also liver drugs by 50%. He no longer uses synthetic enzymes and integrators. Last February 21st he met the doctors at the Cystic Fibrosis Center in Verona. The doctor in charge was very inquiring and eager to understand well Emanuele’s new path.
I’m sure that, thanks to his great strength and determination, during our next international diabetes conference in October 2012 Emanuele will have many other important things to tell us about his complete physical and spiritual healing…

Giorgio, 72, diabetic  since 1984
He found out he had diabetes after a routine blood analysis. At that time he weighed 112 kg (today he weighs 75kg) and all the diabetes-linked problems appeared at once. Teeth began to fall, and he became half blind following a retinopathy, to say nothing of circulatory troubles in the legs. As no one could give him detailed information about diabetes, he started to seriously study it himself. Step by step he got to know that there are glycemic foods and less glycemic foods, and he moderated the quantity of food intake. His breakthrough arrived when he understood how he could discard the extra sugar intake by serious physical exercise. He realized that 40/50 minutes brisk walking can bring down glycemia by 50 points. In this way he discarded insulin and he feels increasingly better. Every day he trains for 90/100 minutes on the cyclette, and takes long walks in the fresh air with friends. When he happens to overeat he also increases physical exercise. Let me add that he eats once a day!

Angelo, 50 years old, diabetic for 12 years
He used to take 80 insulin units/day for a type-2 diabetes with type-1 symptoms.
A vegetarian for more than 27 years, he was nevertheless eating badly: lots of cheese, refined cereals and cakes (common vegetarian mistakes), until one day he had diabetes.
He started with raw food (vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and avocados) and cut the 50% insuline off at the very first day.
Glycemia increased to 250-300 in the first two days. On the third day it decreased to 60. He was afraid it could go down further, so he discontinued insulin. Glycemia increased again to 300-350 but he knew he was right and kept on. Only one week later glycemia decreased and steadied at 120-130. At that moment a real miracle happened. On waking up he found glycemia at 130. He started crying.

For the past two and a half years he has not been using insulin anymore, he feels wonderfully, he never gets sick, and his skin rejuvenated too. He feels much more energetic, calm and concentrated. He ate raw food for three months, then he slowly introduced potatoes, spinach, cooked vegetables in general, beans and after some months whole cereals like rice.  Today he can also afford a pizza with friends and his life has returned to normal.
Finally, in the region where I live, Venetia, I knew only one person completely cured of diabetes: Angelo.
Today we have four!

Considering the social importance, the huge interest aroused and the number of people, children included, affected by this problem, we are now organizing a second important Congress on diabetes for 21 October 2012 (http://www.ilsoffiodelrisveglio.it/?page_id=624) . I can assure you that many new other witnesses will leave you with your jaws dropping…